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Healthcare Expert Greg Travis Speaks About the Official Disappearing of COVID-19 Pandemic



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Yves right here. As a lot as I strongly want video displays with transcripts, this lengthy speak on Covid with Greg Travis, organized by WSWS, could be very a lot price your time (and you may pay attention at 1.25x time). Readers might keep in mind Greg Travis from the Boeing 737 Max debacle. Travis, a software program developer/technologist with a powerful curiosity in public coverage, was an early and correct critic of the Max, and his posts included useful explainers about issues like how AOA sensors work.

A serious theme is how what passes for our public well being care system has been “disappearing” Covid through persistent undercounts, made worse just lately by altering definitions and out and out cessation or discount of key kinds of knowledge gathering and reporting. Scientist GM, who has been e-mailing incessantly about knowledge reductions and sleights of hand, mentioned “A few of the subtleties I had missed myself and wasn’t conscious of.”

This dialogue focuses on how the officialdom has engaged in persistent deceptive messaging about Covid, initially by misrepresenting its severity, promoting the bogus notions of “pure” and “herd” immunity and of Covid turning into weaker over time. As Travis says at 32:55:

Ailments don’t turn out to be milder with age. They don’t turn out to be milder as they turn out to be much less novel. Mainly, flu has had the identical severity for a whole lot of years. It didn’t turn out to be milder. Polio, my favourite instance, was endemic in the USA from 1890 to 1960, seventy years it was endemic. It by no means turned milder.

To entice you to observe, listed below are some key slides:

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