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How Molecular Hydrogen Can Help Your Immune System



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From Dr. Joseph Mercola

Since COVID-19 first entered the scene, trade of concepts has mainly been outlawed. By sharing my views and people from numerous specialists all through the pandemic on COVID therapies and the experimental COVID jabs, I grew to become a important goal of the White Home, the political institution and the worldwide cabal.

Propaganda and pervasive censorship have been deployed to grab management over each a part of your life, together with your well being, funds and meals provide. The key media are key gamers and have been instrumental in creating and fueling worry.

I’m republishing this text in its unique type so as to see how the development unfolded.

Initially printed: April 25, 2020

Molecular hydrogen (H2 gasoline) has highly effective antioxidant and anti inflammatory results,1 as defined on this video by Tyler W. LeBaron, founding father of the science-based nonprofit Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

In his video, LeBaron critiques the pathophysiology of COVID-19 and explains why H2 is being clinically investigated by discussing the proposed mechanisms of how molecular hydrogen would possibly ameliorate illness.

In actual fact, a number of Chinese language investigators are utilizing H2 remedy in COVID-19 sufferers,2,3 and preliminary outcomes4,5 are encouraging sufficient that Dr. Zhong Nanshan, the epidemiologist who found the SARS virus (SARS-CoV-1) in 2003, is now recommending H2 remedy for COVID-19.6

Whereas extra analysis is required to verify advantages and helpful outcomes in COVID-19 circumstances, the newest COVID-19 remedy information7 by the Chinese language Nationwide Well being Fee consists of hydrogen inhalation.

LeBaron features a video clip of Chinese language sufferers given a hydrogen-oxygen inhaler combine, who say it eradicated chest ache and cough, and allowed for deeper respiration with out discomfort. That mentioned, LeBaron notes:

“There may be nonetheless no clinically printed proof that H2 will actually profit COVID-19 and this data is solely for instructional functions. It doesn’t represent scientific proof, and isn’t meant to interchange the steerage out of your well being care practitioner.”

Pathophysiology of COVID-19

As defined by LeBaron, the SARS-CoV-2 virus accountable for COVID-19 enters the lungs, the place it assaults the kind 2 pneumocytes,8 alveolar cells accountable for the secretion of surfactants that cut back the floor stress of fluids in your lungs and are thus vital for elasticity.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus makes use of a spiked protein to anchor itself to the ACE-2 receptor9 of the cell. That is the way it positive aspects entry and releases its positive-sense single-strand RNA into the cell. By inserting its RNA, the virus basically hijacks the cell, because it triggers viral replication to happen contained in the cell.

In response, macrophages (white blood cells) are activated to fight the an infection, they usually in flip launch quite a lot of cytokines, together with interleukin-6 (Il-6), IL-1 and TNF-alpha, into your blood plasma. As soon as the cytokines enter your plasma, neutrophils are recruited, thus rising vasodilation (growth of your blood vessels) and capillary permeability.

Contained in the cell, reactive oxygen species (ROS) are additionally created in an effort to kill the contaminated cell and stop viral replication. That is a vital a part of your physique’s protection system. Nonetheless, as the method progresses you find yourself with rising quantities of ROS and irritation. Worse, because the virus continues to assault your kind 2 pneumocytes, your lungs can’t work accurately.

Because the floor stress of the fluids in your lungs is decreased, your alveoli can now not keep the correct gasoline trade, and your oxygen requirement goes up. Declining elasticity of the lungs additionally makes respiration harder. Add in excessive quantities of ROS, and the entire alveoli finally ends up dying. That is a part of what’s inflicting the cough.

As irritation and vasodilation progresses, you may find yourself with low blood strain, which is why you’re feeling fatigued and weak. Decrease blood strain additionally causes low blood perfusion, which in flip means your cells won’t get the oxygen and vitamins they want for optimum operate. It additionally impairs metabolic waste removing. The low oxygen ranges (hypoxia) end in feeling wanting breath.

Until efficiently handled, this chain of occasions results in cell loss of life, multi-system organ failure (lungs, liver and kidneys), acute respiratory misery (ARD) and, in the end, loss of life.

Stopping the Harmful Cycle

To avoid wasting the affected person, one thing must be finished to cease this damaging cascade of occasions. How can we inhibit viral replication and increase immune system operate? As defined by LeBaron, a lot of the destruction happens by ROS and systemic irritation.

ROS are molecules that trigger oxidative injury. Nonetheless, they don’t seem to be all unhealthy on a regular basis. Neutrophils that produce ROS additionally produce nitric oxide and superoxide, that are essential. Superoxide helps kill the pathogen, however you additionally don’t desire an excessive amount of of it, so it must be regulated.

Nitric oxide additionally must be regulated. Whereas it might inhibit viral replication and helps increase your immune system, you do not need an excessive amount of. As ranges of superoxide and nitric oxide rise, they begin forming peroxynitrites, that are extraordinarily damaging, which in flip type hydroxyl radicals, essentially the most cytotoxic ROS.

Usually, when superoxide has finished its job, it is transformed by superoxide dismutase into hydrogen peroxide, which in flip is transformed into water and oxygen.

This course of is regulated by a transcription issue known as Nrf2/keap1. When this transcription issue is activated, it goes into the cell’s nucleus, the place it binds with the antioxidant response aspect (ARE), which triggers your physique’s pure antioxidants comparable to glutathione and catalase.

As famous by LeBaron, Nrf2 — which is concerned in section 2 detoxing — regulates greater than 200 protecting proteins and enzymes. The issue is that when ROS is overabundant and uncontrolled, the Nrf2 system is depleted and might now not regulate the inflammatory course of.

Understanding Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen or H2 has the power to activate the Nrf2/keap1 pathway, thereby replenishing your endogenous antioxidants. In so doing, H2 helps regulate and keep homeostasis in the entire system, stopping the an infection from getting uncontrolled and inflicting cell loss of life.

Hydrogen may downregulate NOX and NOS enzymes, thus reducing superoxide and nitric oxide manufacturing respectively. That is good, as when these two molecules are elevated an excessive amount of they immediately mix to create the pernicious peroxynitrite molecule. H2 additionally helps your mitochondrial operate. Importantly, H2 selectively reduces peroxynitrites and hydroxyl radicals.

This provides H2 a big benefit over different antioxidants comparable to vitamin C, which act indiscriminately with superoxide and nitric oxide — each of which even have vital and helpful capabilities. H2 doesn’t work together with both superoxide or nitric oxide. The one factor H2 can react with are essentially the most harmful ROS comparable to peroxynitrites and hydroxyl radicals.10

In consequence, your superoxide and nitric oxide are left to carry out helpful capabilities whereas the H2 eliminates essentially the most harmful byproducts of superoxide and nitric oxide, whereas concurrently rising your physique’s pure manufacturing of antioxidants and regulating the enzymes that produce superoxide and nitric oxide. To get a clearer image in your thoughts of how H2 steps in to interrupt the damaging chain, see LeBaron’s video.

H2 additionally steps in to forestall a cytokine storm from occurring. A cytokine storm happens when the upregulation of cytokines is bigger than your physique can deal with. Cytokines are regulated by transcription components, and ROS regulate these transcription components. Inflammatory transcription components, in flip, create extra irritation, which stimulate extra ROS manufacturing.

This can be a vicious cycle that ends in elevated cell loss of life, which results in multiorgan failure, which results in loss of life. H2 has been proven to control these transcription components in a number of animal and human research, thus breaking the vicious cycle. That is what makes H2 so anti-inflammatory. As summarized by LeBaron on the finish of his video:

“Hydrogen gasoline, being a quite simple, small molecule, will help to control the redox standing of the cell by selectively decreasing the very unhealthy [ROS], assist to control and enhance the Nrf2/keap1 pathway to keep up our physique’s redox homeostasis.

It additionally has regulatory results on irritation, to decrease persistent, dangerous systemic irritation by regulating every thing. Simply reducing or inhibiting it [referring to ROS] isn’t need we wish to do. We want all of this stuff.

That is in our immune system. We do not simply wish to do away with it. Sure, it’s what’s killing us, however it’s also crucial to have, in order that we will get higher. So, that’s the … rationale for [using hydrogen gas] for COVID-19.”

Dosing and Availability

Though the precise scientific research on COVID-19 are being carried out with H2 inhalation, H2 dissolved in water has been proven to be simpler than inhalation in different animal illness fashions.11 Moreover, one other article12 means that the H2-infused nitric oxide-producing beverage from H2Bev known as HydroShot, also needs to be clinically investigated for its reported preliminary results.

Nonetheless, whereas there are numerous methods of getting H2, the only and most sensible supply system is molecular hydrogen tablets which can be dissolved in water. They’re moveable and may be taken anyplace, together with journey and on airways, they usually persistently present a excessive H2 focus. When utilizing the tablets it is vital to drink the water as quickly because the tablets are dissolved and the water continues to be “white,” because the H2 dissipates shortly.

The molecular hydrogen tablets have the extra benefit of offering 80 mg of ionic elemental magnesium with every pill. Magnesium can function a pure calcium channel blocker to assist regulate excessive intracellular calcium ranges that may wreak havoc in your physique.

Additionally, absolutely the amount of H2 is way much less vital than pulsing or creating an acute elevation of H2 in your system over a brief interval. That acute elevation is what prompts the Nrf2 pathway. When publicity is steady, even when elevated, it has just about no impact.

Clearly, we’d like extra analysis to be higher capable of reply dosing questions, however within the interim, it appears customizing the dose to your private circumstances can be most acceptable. So, for those who’re in regular, non-stressful circumstances at house, probably not doing something very irritating and never exercising a lot, possibly taking H2 as soon as a day is adequate.

Nonetheless, for those who train quite a bit, chances are you’ll wish to take it two to a few occasions a day to assist cut back the oxidative stress out of your train. Ditto for those who’re touring and exposing your self to free radical stress from ionizing radiation at 35,000 ft. In such a circumstance, it is likely to be acceptable to take it each two hours whilst you’re within the air.

Contemplating their security, ease of use, and helpful results on immune operate and well being, molecular hydrogen tablets are a no brainer resolution in my opinion, they usually might be fairly useful for a lot of circumstances, together with COVID-19, which is why H2 is being clinically investigated.