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How the number of guns compares to gun deaths in the US



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Within the wake of yet one more unspeakable tragedy, during which 19 children and two teachers were murdered by a gunman in a Texas elementary college, one cause for the US’s regular stream of mass shootings appears apparent.

Proper-wing politicians are fast guilty video video games, race, psychological sickness, and actually anything however weapons for America’s excessive variety of mass shootings. Whereas it’s unattainable to definitively say, “It’s the weapons,” the sheer amount of firearms in america is plain. The variety of weapons seems to be straight associated to the variety of gun deaths in America.

The US leads the developed world in gun deaths, with about 12 gun-related deaths per 100,000 folks, in keeping with information collected from Not coincidentally, the nation additionally has much more weapons. For each 100 People, the US has 120 weapons.

In response to the most recent bloodbath, plenty of politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz have instructed including extra weapons to the combination by arming college lecturers and safety guards — a prospect that has no evidence of working. What’s wanted is fewer weapons.

Nonetheless, within the face of mass shootings, states like Texas have responded by loosening gun laws. Most not too long ago, Texas politicians passed a law making it so that individuals don’t want a license or coaching to hold a handgun. This regulation doesn’t seem poised to make the issue of weapons go away.

Different nations have responded aggressively to their very own gun issues with success. In Scotland, after an analogous college taking pictures in 1996, lawmakers banned private ownership of handguns and automatic weapons. There haven’t been any school shootings since. And in coping with its personal gun violence issues within the Nineteen Nineties, Australia took and destroyed roughly 650,000 guns from private citizens as a part of a buyback program. Charges of gun homicides and suicides plummeted.

There are numerous extenuating circumstances that result in gun deaths within the US. Let’s begin with the straightforward one: weapons.