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Justin Bieber’s former church Hillsong USA is in decline. Hypepriests will endure.



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Is the period of the “hypepriest” over? The ouster of pastor-turned-celebrity Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC, the controversy and authorized troubles swirling round Hillsong founder Brian Houston and a recent documentary series chronicling alleged abuse within the famously well-known Hillsong Church, would possibly definitely lead some to imagine that the American public has bored with expensively dressed pastors with well-known mates and huge social media followings. 

America’s affinity for dramatic preaching, intercourse enchantment and movie star predates the American republic.

However whereas latest headlines have led to a precipitous decline in Hillsong USA churches, the movie star pastor’s place in the US shouldn’t be underneath critical risk. At the very least not but.

America’s affinity for dramatic preaching, intercourse enchantment and movie star predates the American republic. George Whitefield was an actor in England earlier than he crossed the pond and used his presents for self-promotion and standing as a “most beautiful youth” to win young admirers and change into the movie star preacher of the colonies within the 1700s. Presbyterian Charles Finney’s worship areas of the 1800s resembled theaters as a lot as they did sanctuaries, and he popularized “new measures” of engagement, like emotive preaching and stirring music, which entertained and revived the religious emotions of the trustworthy. 

The twentieth century introduced enterprising American preachers new media shops for spreading the excellent news. The attractiveness of the preachers — their physique, voice and demeanor — typically went hand in hand with their success. Hellfire and brimstone preacher Billy Sunday understood this nicely and had fits tailored to display his athletic physique. Ladies and men alike enjoyed his ultra-masculine preaching performances.

No group harnessed the ability of mass media extra effectively than the Pentecostal Christian motion, which was born on the daybreak of media culture within the early twentieth century. From the outset, early Pentecostals felt compelled to take their miraculous excellent news to “the nations” earlier than the prophesied second coming of Jesus. They shortly created newsletters and popular music that served as automobiles for his or her visions. 

Pentecostals additionally created stars. The arrival of recent applied sciences like radio, movie and tv appeared like a divine miracle to assist Pentecostal preachers attain unprecedented international audiences. Whereas lots of the greatest movie star preachers of the previous had been white males, Pentecostal celebrities included a various group of mass media magnates like Maria Woodworth Etter, Marcelino Manuel da Graça, aka “Sweet Daddy” Grace, and Ida Bell Robinson.

Few skilled the excessive highs and low lows of Pentecostal movie star like Twenties preaching sensation Aimee Semple McPherson. A transplant from Canada, McPherson moved to California and set up shop in Echo Park, a Los Angeles neighborhood recognized for its creative residents. Nearly a century earlier than Lentz used bestselling Hillsong music and his friendship with pop celebrity Justin Bieber to succeed in the plenty, McPherson impressed many musicians, illustrators, actors and set designers in Hollywood to help her get her messages out to the world.

People pray during a service at Hillsong Church on Oct. 22, 2017, in New York.
Folks pray throughout a service at Hillsong Church on Oct. 22, 2017, in New York.Andres Kudacki / AP file

Lengthy earlier than Lentz drew hipsters to Hillsong NYC, McPherson attracted flappers who had been dazzled by her glamorous persona and theatrical productions. Whereas Lentz raised Joe Rogan’s eyebrows together with his fastidiously sculpted and continuously uncovered physique, McPherson wore form-fitting sequined robes that enhanced her intercourse enchantment. “She clings to white,” observed one sarcastic attendee, “and the material clings to her.” 

If she had been alive within the 2020s, there isn’t a doubt she can be featured alongside Lentz on the “Preachers and Sneakers” Instagram account, which reveals how a “celebrity-centric approach to Christian ministry” is commonly accompanied by conspicuous consumption.

Publicly, McPherson ignored her critics and confirmed simply how a lot a star preacher lady may accomplish in the US. Her profession survived intercourse scandals, a weird disappearance and reappearance, authorized trials and church splits. She constructed a megachurch (Angelus Temple), established a denomination (the Foursquare Church), purchased a radio station and began a Bible college. 

In the present day, many Pentecostal and charismatic celebrities keep it up this conservative political custom.

McPherson additionally illustrated how movie star preachers may form the nation in concrete methods. She stoked American patriotism in her sermons, mobilized against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Upton Sinclair and enthusiastically promoted war bonds rallies throughout World Battle II.

In the present day, many Pentecostal and charismatic celebrities keep it up this conservative political custom — particularly in predominately white organizations. Take one-time presidential candidate Pat Robertson, Charisma Information editor and Trump prophecy promoter Steve Strang, or the numerous Pentecostal and charismatic worship leaders who crowded into the Oval Office for prayer and a photo op with President Donald Trump in 2019. Popular televangelists like Paula White-Cain and preacher Tony Suarez have change into indispensable assets to each Trump and to conservative evangelical activism within the twenty first century. 

Hillsong USA’s swift rise demonstrated how a brand new period of digital platforms may very well be used to garner high-profile attendees, result in speedy progress and form public coverage. Hillsong’s megahit “Shout to the Lord” turned a mainstay on Christian radio and in charismatic and evangelical church services all through the late Nineties and early 2000s, and Carl Lentz was simply certainly one of many younger Individuals who traveled to Australia to learn to replicate the ardor and enthusiasm that they heard on Hillsong’s dwell worship albums. Lentz’s photogenic smile, knack for Southern Pentecostal preaching and skill to draw well-known congregants made him well-suited to translate Hillsong Australia to Hillsong USA

Brian Houston, Hillsong’s Australian founder, had a grand imaginative and prescient to influence the world and noticed in Lentz the star energy of the American movie star preachers who had impressed him. He, too, prayed with gusto for the president at the White House in 2019, and celebrated Trump’s imaginative and prescient for a “robust America.” As an heir of that mannequin, Lentz used his appreciable platform to advertise conservative sexual ethics and condemn abortion. In a transfer that shocked some, Lentz additionally supported Black Lives Matter years earlier than different Pentecostal and charismatic celebrities like televangelist Joel Osteen marched in reminiscence of George Floyd. 

Lentz’s star rose alongside fellow well-known preachers like Chad Veach in Los Angeles and Judah Smith in Seattle, and collectively they gave plenty of involved Pentecostals and charismatics hope for the long run. Despite the fact that younger persons are trending away from Christian affiliation in the US, media-savvy ministries appeared like they may perhaps reverse that development. Congregations stuffed with younger, stunning individuals singing pop songs to God in huge, culturally influential cities offered a visual rebuke of data indicating spiritual attendance was on the decline. 

In actuality, as celebrity-driven megachurches have grown larger, they’ve consolidated lots of the Individuals who nonetheless attend church (albeit much less frequently) into hubs that create Christian content material within the type of music, dance and preaching for customers around the globe. Consolidating in star-driven megachurches, nonetheless, has dangers and rewards. And the decline of Hillsong USA illustrates how dwelling by jet-setting movie star and branding additionally typically means dying by it.

Irrespective of how far Lentz and Hillsong USA has fallen, it might be a mistake, nonetheless, to assume that the American public will quickly tire of celebrity-centric preachers. Ever the savvy innovators, many charismatic and Pentecostal preachers have discovered a marketplace for their ministries that doesn’t require attendance or official affiliation. The following “it” preachers with dramatic aptitude, catchy music and a imaginative and prescient for the world are attracting audiences by the million — on TikTok or Instagram or YouTube or no matter comes subsequent.