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Links 12/24/2022 | naked capitalism



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Dog in UK collected more than 1,000 littered bottles for recycling Washington Submit (furzy)

Giant python reunited with owner after months roaming Austin BBC

Deep Learning Alone Isn’t Getting Us To Human-Like AI Nomea (David L)

Inside the billion-dollar meeting for the mega-rich who want to live forever MIT Expertise Assessment

‘Classifying Aging as a Disease Could Speed FDA Drug Approvals’ The Hill

Meddling Parents Hire Dating Coaches for Their Grown Children Wall Road Journal (J-LS). I’ve at all times most popular getting a root canal to occurring a date. Effectively, besides a root canal has everlasting bodily results and most dates don’t.

Rear window New Criterion (Anthony L). On Edward Hopper.

Bach’s accidental masterpiece New Statesman (J-LS)



ma flags a brand new knowledge website:

SARS-CoV-2 structural proteins trigger periodontal fibrosis Information-Medical.web (ma)

SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BQ and XBB subvariants show exceptional immune evasion properties Information-Medical.web (guurst)


China estimates 250mn people have caught Covid in 20 days Monetary Occasions

China sees Trojan horse in refused US vaccine offer Asia Occasions (Kevin W)

‘Revive habit of using masks,’ advices ex-Health min Harsh Vardhan on COVID-19 situation Republic World (J-LS)

RTPCR Test Mandatory For Foreign Arrivals From China, 4 Other Nations: Union Health Min Republic World (J-LS)

Local weather/Atmosphere

Facts and figures about toxic chemicals in agriculture 2022 Pesticide Atlas (guurst)

EPA Tightens Rules on Pollution From Vans, Buses and Trucks New York Occasions

Zimbabwe Has Banned the Export of Raw Lithium Quartz


Manila hardens South China Sea defences Bangkok Submit (furzy)

China sees Trojan horse in refused US vaccine offer Asia Occasions (Kevin W)

Japan eyes global military power status Asia Occasions (Kevin W)


South Africa marks holidays despite nationwide power cuts FirstPost (J-LS)

New Not So Chilly Conflict

Will Ukraine ever have enough Fire Power? Col Doug Macgregor Choose Napolitano, YouTube

Has NATO’s Strategy To Bleed Russia Backfired? Larry Johnson

Of Note. Andrei Martyanov (guurst). On Russia growing the scale of its armed forces

Bakhmut Meatgrinder & Copium Mark Sleboda (Stevelancs). Good overview.

Kiev is mulling peace plan, WSJ reports RT

* * *

The Claim That The Ukraine War Advances US Interests Discredits The Claim That It’s “Unprovoked” Caitlin Johnstone (Kevin W)

* * *

Putin, Isolated and Distrustful, Leans on Handful of Hard-Line Advisers Wall Road Journal. Neocons gotta neocon.

Sixty years on from the Cuban missile crisis, the US has learned its lessons – but Putin has not Guardian (Kevin W)

Russia’s militarization of the Arctic shows no sign of slowing down CNN (furzy)

* * *

EU price cap on gas could push suppliers to other markets – Novak Interfax (guurst)

* * *



The US Captagon Act: Tightening Syria’s siege under new pretext The Cradle (guurst)

Israel: How Netanyahu handed Ben-Gvir the gun to start an annexation war Jonathan Prepare dinner, Center East Eye (guurst)

Large Brother Is Watching You Watch

Cover Your Tracks Digital Frontier Basis (David L)

As Long as We’re on the Subject of CAPTCHAs Bruce Schneier (David L)

Meta agrees to pay $725 million to settle lawsuit over Cambridge Analytica data leak CNN (Kevin W)


The Facts Underpinning Jan. 6 Committee Criminal Referrals (furzy). I’ve bother with the declare that Trump had a plan, versus some impulses.


Judge slams Trump suit aimed at blocking N.Y. attorney general probe Politico (furzy)


SEVEN THESES ON AMERICAN POLITICS New Left Economics. Robin Ok: “Biden economics.”

DOJ takes on ’True the Vote’ Vigilantes — finally! Greg Palast, YouTube

Judge strips Alex Jones of bankruptcy protections after he tried to dodge $1.5B Sandy Hook judgment Salon (furzy)

Our No Longer Free Press

1 big thing — Exclusive: Bloomberg eyes WSJ, WaPo Axios (furzy)

No Free PACER as US Lawmakers Exclude Proposal from Spending Bill Reuters

The Bezzle

Bankman-Fried associate admits to misuse of FTX customer funds Monetary Occasions. May very well be inferred from revised SEC submitting. However:

Ellison, the previous head of FTX’s buying and selling affiliate Alameda Analysis who pleaded responsible to seven prison prices on Monday, instructed a New York decide that from 2019 to 2022 the agency had entry to “a limiteless line of credit score on” and that she “knew that it was unsuitable”, based on a transcript of the plea listening to made out there on Friday.

“I understood that FTX executives had applied particular settings on Alameda’s account to take care of unfavorable balances in varied fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies,” Ellison mentioned on the listening to, simply days earlier than Bankman-Fried was extradited from the Bahamas to the US.

She added that she “understood that if Alameda’s FTX accounts had vital unfavorable balances in any specific forex, it meant that Alameda was borrowing funds that FTX’s clients had deposited”….

Ellison’s testimony on Monday afternoon was saved secret for days. Federal prosecutors had argued that revealing her plea would possibly make it tougher to persuade Bankman-Fried, who has been charged with eight prison counts, to permit himself to be introduced again from the Bahamas to New York and be arraigned.

Bankman-Fried Judge Recused Because Husband’s Firm Advised FTX Bloomberg. To be a stickler, I had taken difficulty with earlier experiences from an internet site that can go unnamed that argued the decide wanted to recuse herself as a result of Davis Polk, her husband’s agency, had represented BlockFi on a mortgage to FTX. Earth to base, in that case, BlockFi had pursuits hostile to FTX and so no battle of curiosity. Apparently there was additionally a direct Davis Polk illustration of FTX or an FTX entity too (observe the battle between the FTX and BlockFi illustration was possible waived by whichever occasion employed Davis Polk later; it typically occurs at huge companies. Consultants get vastly extra confidential data than legislation companies do. In my day, McKinsey represented Citibank, Chase, Merrill, and the then Producers Hanover. Completely different companions on every account and they didn’t share associates. And people companions hated one another).

How Big Tech fought antitrust reform — and won The Hill

Bank Error in Our Favor Matt Stoller (Chuck L)

FTC orders Mastercard to not block use of competing debit payment networks The Hill (Kevin W)

Elon Musk’s Finances Complicated by Declining Wealth, Twitter Pressures Wall Road Journal

Class Warfare

University of California workers approve contract agreement, ending longest higher education strike in U.S. Politico

Antidote du jour. The elk regulars lounging in Teton Time’s yard.

And a bonus (Robin Ok):

And a second bonus (guurst):

See yesterday’s Hyperlinks and Antidote du Jour here.

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