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Links 2/8/2023 | naked capitalism



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Farmers Find Wild African Cat Wandering Around Missouri Smithsonian

Have model organisms evolved too far? (press launch) College of Birmingham. E. coli.

Local weather

Study: 15 million people live under threat of glacial floods AP

Green Empire? New Left Evaluate

New Not-So-Chilly Struggle

Will Ukraine Wind Up Making Territorial Concessions to Russia? Overseas Affairs. Ask the consultants! Helpful chart:

(The faces are for consultants truly quoted within the article.)

GOP base warms to giving Russia some of Ukraine’s territory WaPo

The Anatomy of Annexation: How a 2010 ICJ Ruling Destabilized International Law to Putin’s Benefit The Nationwide Curiosity

* * *

Germany approves delivery of Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine Andalou Company. 178. However maybe 237. And such small parts!

Ukraine army discipline crackdown sparks fear and fury on the front Politico

As Russia Amasses Troops in East, Questions Remain About Its Ability to Sustain an Offensive NYT

* * *

In Ukraine, There’s Once Again Talk Of An Anti-Corruption Campaign. Will It Really Happen This Time? Radio Free Europe. Notice the supply.

Security Service of Ukraine notifies its former head of suspicion of high treason Ukrainska Pravda

Ukraine War Day #349: Who Is Destroying Ukraine’s Forests? Terrible Avalanche

IMF issues Russian economic growth outlook that is more optimistic than Bank of Russia’s BNE Intellinews

How Putin made himself Maidan-proof by waging war on Ukraine Al Jazeera

Does the United Nations still exist? Social Europe


Jackson water system a step closer to getting new owners AP. Not viewed with favor by Jackson.


Long COVID: What Do the Latest Data Show? KFF. Excellent news if true.

Bivalent Covid-19 Vaccines — A Cautionary Tale (perspective) NEJM. “Why did the technique for considerably rising BA.4 and BA.5 neutralizing antibodies utilizing a bivalent vaccine fail? The almost certainly rationalization is imprinting. The immune programs of individuals immunized with the bivalent vaccine, all of whom had beforehand been vaccinated, have been primed to reply to the ancestral pressure of SARS-CoV-2. They due to this fact in all probability responded to epitopes shared by BA.4 and BA.5 and the ancestral pressure, somewhat than to new epitopes on BA.4 and BA.5.”

Analysis of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Among Immunocompromised Individuals in a Large US Health System JAMA. From the Conclusion: “Our outcomes spotlight a considerable hole in adherence to CDC suggestions for mRNA monovalent COVID-19 booster doses amongst immunocompromised people in a big, sociodemographically numerous inhabitants.”


US should not let its China policy drift because of sensationalizing of balloon: China Daily editorial China Every day

Commentary: Spy balloon or not, history cautions against overreaction in latest tension to US-China relations Channel Information Asia

On day ‘spy balloon’ was shot down, China refused call with Pentagon chief, US says South China Morning Put up

* * *

Tech war: starved of chips, China’s bid to topple US as No 1 economy faces ‘unprecedented’ pressure South China Morning Put up


Myanmar’s coup: Two years on but a long fight ahead Frontier Myanmar

Tipping the scales in Myanmar’s civil war Australian Strategic Coverage Institute

Bill Gates: Stop Telling Africans What Kind of Agriculture Africans Need Scientific American

European Disunion

More than 750,000 protest against pension reform across France France24

‘Real’ wages fell at record speed in Germany last year The Native

Here is when Russia starts building Hungary’s new nuclear power plant Every day Information Hungary

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: Race to Rescue Survivors WSJ. Stay updates.

Pricey Previous Blighty

Strikes: Who is taking industrial action in 2023 and when? Sky Information

England’s Health Service Enters Biggest-Ever Week Of Strikes Forbes

UK‘s Royal Mail workers call off 24-hour strike, union says Reuters. Solidarity!

Britons face 20,000 digital pound cap under Bank of England plan Reuters. The ceiling for uninteresting normals once they take away money? Good to know.

Biden Administration

Remarks of President Joe Biden – State of the Union Address as Prepared for Delivery The White Home

Joe Biden warns China over threats to US sovereignty in State of the Union address FT

Biden, GOP battle at raucous state of the union The Hill

Expect Big Replenishment Orders Soon, Army Tells Industry Protection One. Ka-ching.

Provide Chain

Climbing cases of seafarer abandonment places profits above people as $40 million is lost in unpaid crew wages Hellenic Transport Information

Iran’s ‘ghost fleet’ switches into Russian oil FT


U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective, 2022: Accelerating Spending, Worsening Outcomes The Commonwealth Fund. Commentary:



Japan rolls out ‘humble and lovable’ delivery robots Bangkok Put up (Furzy Mouse). Each time I see the dorbs-inducing rounded edges of a type of lozenge-like bots creeping about I need to beat it into shards with bat.

Killer robot swarms, an update Politico

Our Famously Free Press

Will Ashley Biden’s Diary Take Down Project Veritas? After a decade of punking liberals with hidden-camera stings, James O’Keefe becomes the story. New York Journal. From January, nonetheless entertaining on the very least.

The Blood Libel Commonweal. A really early ethical panic.

Gaslighting: What It Is and How to Stop It WebMD

Class Warfare

America’s Labor Shortages Are Good, Actually Eric Levitz, New York Journal

Fed chair warns of even higher rates if jobs data stays strong FT. Nonetheless turning the rubber thumbscrew…..

A Chilling Paragraph from 1960 Ted Gioia, The Trustworthy Dealer (IM Doc).

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