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Links 7/5/2022 | naked capitalism



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Yves right here. Thanks SO MUCH on your very beneficiant and immediate responses to our GoFundMe appeal for Betty-Jo, who was my mom’s finest aide and I’ve continued to make use of on and off, though I can’t give her as regular work as she as soon as had. The brief model is Betty-Jo is widowed and has been on the sting financially for a very long time, made worse by mind most cancers 11 years in the past, with profitable radiation remedy leaving her with liver harm and large (and persevering with) medical payments. I’m certain she’ll be greatly surprised by the quantity raised, however GoFundMe has a horrible interface and safety overkill (greater than any monetary establishment I take care of on-line). That is Betty-Jo’s standing as of July 4 night (I had referred to as her the third and 4th in addition to e-mailing and was frightened):

I’m sorry my heads killing me so I’m at nighttime with no noise in any respect, all day n night I’ve been in mattress 2 days straight. I’m not taking that remedy anymore, physician stated toss out what was left n don’t take it anymore. He now has me on ache meds to c if that may assist me with my dangerous complications. Sorry for not listening to the cellphone ring however I’ve the ringer off so nothing will trouble me cuz I by no means went to sleep day earlier than yesterday n additionally final night time no sleep in any respect. I simply jumped in bathe n going again to put down once more

I’ll strive n name u tomorrow after I feel u will b awake. Thanks once more. I’ll want your assist with that go fund me account cuz I attempted to register n it received’t work in any respect. Hopefully u will kw do it accurately. Ty once more

IM Doc factors out she needs to be on migraine meds, not ache meds. Any strategies for her to say to her physician? Sadly docs are sometimes extra attentive to educated sufferers.

* * *

Lambert and I, and lots of readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational atmosphere ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of battle — each actual fog and stage fog — in feedback. None of us want extra cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value, link-free pom pom-wavers will likely be summarily whacked.

And for individuals who are new right here, this isn’t a mere well mannered request. We’ve got written website Insurance policies and people who remark have accepted these phrases. To forestall having to resort to the nuclear choice of shutting feedback down totally till extra sanity prevails, as we did throughout the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 election, we’re going to be ruthless about moderating and blacklisting offenders.


P.S. Additionally, earlier than additional stressing our already pressured moderators, learn our website insurance policies:

Please don’t write us to ask why a remark has not appeared. We don’t have the bandwidth to analyze and reply. Utilizing the feedback part to complain about moderation selections/tripwires earns that commenter troll factors. Please don’t do it. These feedback will even be eliminated if we encounter them.

* * *

24 stunning astronomy photographs that will take you to infinity and beyond Mashable (David L)

Quantum Computing for Dummies Spectrum IEEE (David L)

Physicists Are Startled by This Magnetic Material That ‘Freezes’ When Heated ScienceAlert (Kevin W)

3-D Printing Grows Beyond Its Novelty Roots New York Instances (David L)

Explosion of life on Earth linked to heavy metal act at planet’s centre Guardian (Kevin W)

Nietzsche: your conscience is no saint Christopher Janaway, IAI (Anthony L)



Exacerbation of COVID-19 mortality by the fragmented United States healthcare system: A retrospective observational study Lancet (Kevin C)

IM Doc feedback:

take a look at slide 21……..we’re simply now figuring that out Bob? This has actually been recognized for months. I knew this greater than a yr in the past. How? Effectively, I really maintain sufferers in contrast to you.

Possibly it is best to discuss to your ID doc in your division, Dr. Monica Gandhi who as little as two months in the past was repeatedly asserting on Twitter that Calif was golden – the vaxxes have made it the place there will likely be no extra hospital surges. How is that understanding for you? What’s going to the excuse be this time? Simply how a lot tighter will the pretzel should change into to fir the narrative?

They only can’t assist themselves. Medical leaders all the time speaking about purple and blue states. Do they not perceive the extreme harm they’re doing to their message and popularity?

Universal healthcare as pandemic preparedness: The lives and costs that could have been saved during the COVID-19 pandemic PNAS (Kevin C)

Get Ready for the Forever Plague The Tyee (guurst)


UK health chiefs brace for ‘bumpy ride’ amid fears over Covid wave Guardian. Kevin W: “These ‘bumps’ would be the our bodies of Covid victims.”

EU’s von der Leyen can’t find texts with Pfizer chief on vaccine deal -letter Reuters (Li)

Local weather/Surroundings

US Summer 2017-2021 Barry Ritholtz (reslic). I’m in one of many few locations the place the summer season temp has not elevated. It’s nonetheless steamy!


Australian foreign minister continues US-instigated anti-China campaign in Southeast Asia WSWS


India Will Not Lift Windfall Tax On Oil Firms Until Crude Drops By $40 OilPrice (Kevin W)

Outdated Blighty

The non-drama that could become a real crisis Chris Gray (guurst)

‘Not right’: UK Government dips into Welsh and Scottish budgets for £1bn Ukraine military aid Nation Cymru

Germany Posts First Monthly Trade Deficit in 30 Years New York Instances

New Not-So-Chilly Warfare

Ukraine lays out $750bn ‘recovery plan’ for postwar future Guardian. Resilc: “We’ve got jack shit for most individuals and small cities right here in USA USA. Fuck off. I hope Putin ranges the entire place.”

Liz Truss mulls seizure of Russian assets in UK to give to Ukraine Guardian (Kevin W)

* * *

Russian television celebrates full ‘liberation’ of the Lugansk oblast (LNR) Gilbert Doctorow

Ukraine war: What is Putin’s plan now Luhansk has fallen? BBC (Kevin W)

* * *

Zircon and CBO Andrei Martyanov, YouTube. On the dearth of US defenses v. typical Russian missiles.

* * *

Gas shortage emergency would push Hamburg to ration hot water, says senator Euronews

Shell may have to abandon £3bn stake in Russian gas plant Guardian. Recall simply Germany stole, un “seized,” 3 Gazprom LNG tankers, so this motion seems associated. Word additionally that the “particular retaliatory financial measures” enable Russia to go after prospects and enterprise companions of miscreants, so Germany behaving badly provides Russia an enormous record of potential targets. Alexander Mercouris talked about at the end of his show on Sunday that the Japanese, now the principle prospects for this LNG operation, are frightened about being reduce off for the reason that operations are necessary to the Japanese financial system. That’s not how I learn the intent of this Russian motion. Except for the retaliation angle, the excuse could also be that operations like this require ongoing funding and upkeep and Russia isn’t going to tolerate Shell neglecting the asset. However for all of the buyers, Shell, Mitsubishi, and Mitsui, at the moment are put within the place of getting to signal a deal which amongst different issues requires them to make investments as required in a Russian firm. I can see the Japanese not taking that up out of concern about pissing off the US. And that would go away the corporate free to chop different LNG offers as soon as its contracts for supply to Japan roll off. Have readers seen any knowledgeable studies or evaluation? To this point I’ve discovered solely this, according to the musings above: Japan’s LNG contracts to remain intact despite Russia seizing control of Sakhalin 2 Upstream On-line

* * *

India, BRICS in cold war conditions India Punchline (J-LS)

Dissecting the New Cold War’s rival blocs Asia Instances (Kevin W)

Russian investigators seeking information related to OSCE’s work in Ukraine’s interests TASS

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to questions at a meeting with students in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, July 1, 2022 Ministry of International Affairs of the Russian Federation (guurst). Consists of backstory on Maidan, for individuals who could not know the fantastic factors.


Shireen Abu Aqla: US releases result of test on bullet that killed reporter BBC. Resilc: “Now this IS bullshit.”

On Iran, the Biden Presidency Has Been Trump’s Second Term Jacobin

Iran Slashes Cost of Its Oil to Compete With Russia in China Bloomberg

Massive Brother is Watching You Watch

AMERICAN DRAGNET: DATA-DRIVEN DEPORTATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY Middle on Privateness & Know-how, Georgetown Regulation (guurst). From finish of Could, nonetheless necessary. As an illustration:

By reaching into the digital information of state and native governments and shopping for databases with billions of knowledge factors from personal corporations, ICE has created a surveillance infrastructure that allows it to drag detailed dossiers on practically anybody, seemingly at any time. In its efforts to arrest and deport, ICE has – with none judicial, legislative or public oversight – reached into datasets containing private details about the overwhelming majority of individuals dwelling within the U.S.

Imperial Collapse Watch


Mitt Romney: America Is In Denial Atlantic. Resilc: “Mitt did a lot to assist. Bear in mind him ‘interviewing‘ for SecState with Trump?”

Why are nuclear power construction costs so high? Part III – the nuclear navy Development Physics (reslic). This story is the exception that helps clarify the rule of imperial collapse. The Navy made certain to maintain the manufacturing base for nuclear subs in good condition.

The Pentagon is finally acknowledging the damage nuclear testing did to the Armed Forces Activity & Goal (Kevin W)

Army Service in the All-Volunteer Era Oxford (resilc)


Jan. 6 committee could make multiple criminal referrals of Donald Trump to Justice Dept., Rep. Liz Cheney says Washington Submit (furzy). I’m bored with all these threats about legal motion v. Trump, which have been dangled as imminent since Russigate. Ship slightly than extra crying wolf.


The tweet beneath isn’t just an affordable shot. Gasoline costs are excessive even relative to grease costs as a result of refiner margins are approach up (as a result of causes like underinvestment because of local weather change seen as that means fossil fuels’ days are numbered). And refiners own .


The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Have Asserted Their Power New Yorker (furzy)

How the Founders Intended to Check the Supreme Court’s Power Politico (furzy)


Abortion Bans Will Affect Americans Rich and Poor New York Instances (furzy)

Democrats en déshabillé

Now more than ever, Democrats need Hillary Clinton The Hill. Resilc: “I completely agree, this might finish the DNC without end.”

Fox and friends confront billion-dollar US lawsuits over election fraud claims Guardian (furzy)

North Carolina Is a Warning Atlantic (resilc)


The American Public Has Around 20 Million AR-15 Style Rifles Enterprise Insider (resilc)

Paying homage to Kurt Weill, however extra schmaltz and fewer chew, save the context:

Provide Chain/Inflation

Industrial producer prices up by 0.7% in the euro areaand by 0.8% in the EU: Up by 36.3% in the euro area and by 36.4% in the EU compared with May 2021 Eurostat

Total recoverable oil worldwide is now 9% lower than last year, threatening global energy security Rystad Power. From final week, nonetheless germane.

Inflation soars to nearly 80% in Turkey as food prices double CNN

Banana Ships And The Hidden Fees Of Ship Cargo qCaptain. Even bananas having provide chain issues. (guurst)

The Bezzle

Crypto collapse reverberates widely among black American investors Monetary Instances

76 Fake Charities Shared a Mailbox. The I.R.S. Approved Them All. New York Instances (resilc)

Class Warfare

Is taxation theft? aeon (Anthony L)

Antidote du jour (furzy):

And a bonus (Chuck L). Word this whale already has his own Wikipedia entry.

A second bonus (furzy):

See yesterday’s Hyperlinks and Antidote du Jour here.

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