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Rare evidence that dinosaurs feasted on mammals uncovered



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A while in the course of the Cretaceous Interval, 120 million years in the past, a dinosaur wolfed down its final meal — a small mammal the dimensions of a mouse. And it’s nonetheless there.

A researcher with a pointy eye noticed the mammal’s foot preserved inside the center of a fossilized Microraptor zhaoianus, a feathered therapod lower than a meter (3 toes) lengthy.

“At first, I couldn’t consider it. There was a tiny rodent-like mammal foot a few centimeter (0.4 inch) lengthy completely preserved inside a Microraptor skeleton,” stated Hans Larsson, a professor of biology at McGill College’s Redpath Museum in Montreal. Larsson got here throughout the fossil whereas visiting museum collections in China.

“These finds are the one stable proof now we have concerning the meals consumption of those lengthy extinct animals — and they’re exceptionally uncommon,” Larsson stated in a information launch.

The analysis, which was revealed within the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology on December 20, stated this was solely the twenty first identified instance of a fossilized dinosaur with its final meal preserved.

It’s rarer nonetheless to seek out {that a} mammal was on the menu; there’s just one different such instance at the moment within the fossil file.

“We already know of Microraptor specimens preserved with components of fish, a chicken, and a lizard of their bellies. This new discover provides a small mammal to their food plan, suggesting these dinosaurs have been opportunistic and never choosy eaters,” Larsson, a coauthor of the research, stated in a press release.

“Realizing that Microraptor was a generalist carnivore places a brand new perspective on how historical ecosystems might have labored and a potential perception into the success of those small, feathered dinosaurs,” he defined.

This reconstruction depicts Microraptor eating a small mammal. Courtesy of Hans Larsson.

Generalist predators, like foxes and crows, are vital stabilizers in at this time’s ecosystems as a result of they will feed on a number of species, the information launch stated. Based on the analysis, the Microraptor is the primary identified instance of a generalist carnivore in a dinosaur period.

It was potential that different dinosaurs from the therapod household, which included the Tyrannosaurus rex, may also have shared a equally unfussy food plan, the research stated.

The Microraptor fossil was found within the wealthy fossil deposits in Liaoning in northeastern China within the early 2000s. The specimen, which options plumage on its arm wings and legs, was one of many first feathered dinosaurs to be unearthed.

“Whereas this mammal would completely not have been a human ancestor, we are able to look again at a few of our historical family being a meal for hungry dinosaurs,” stated research coauthor Dr. David Hone, a reader in zoology at Queen Mary College of London, in a press release.

“This research paints an image of an interesting second in time — one of many first file(s) of a dinosaur consuming a mammal — even when it isn’t fairly as horrifying as something in ‘Jurassic Park.’”