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The Snow Moon Is February’s Full Moon



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moon in snowy forest
Different nicknames for the snow moon embody the starvation moon (or hungry moon), bear moon, goose moon and storm moon. Vitalii Bashkatov/Shutterstock

All full moons have nicknames and sometimes a number of of them, normally given by Native American tribes. Within the U.S., February’s full moon is dubbed the snow moon as a result of February traditionally is the snowiest month within the Northern Hemisphere. Extrapolating from that, the Cherokee referred to as this moon each the bony moon and hungry moon, implying meals was scarce throughout this month of chilly, snowy climate.

Nicknames for North American moons are sometimes linked to animals and their actions, too (as an example, the beaver moon rises in November). Bear moon and black bear moon, which come from the Ojibwe and Tlingit, respectively, have been used to explain February’s full moon since bear cubs are born at the moment.

A full moon may be a supermoon or a micromoon. Supermoons, as their identify implies, seem bigger than typical full moons as a result of they’re nearer than regular to Earth’s orbit. Micromoons are the other. They give the impression of being smaller than regular as a result of they’re farther from Earth. The Feb. 5 full moon would be the second of two micromoons in 2023, the primary having occurred in January.

Curiously, most of us cannot inform the distinction in measurement between a standard full moon, supermoon or micromoon, despite the fact that a micromoon can seem up to 14 percent smaller than a supermoon. And whereas micromoons typically look duller than different full moons, as a consequence of their additional distance from Earth, February’s snow moon might be simple to see as a result of the leaves usually adorning deciduous bushes might be gone. And in case you stay in an space with snow on the bottom, the total moon’s show might be much more spectacular, as its mild will mirror off the snow.

Must you miss the snow moon, March’s full moon – the worm moon – will attain its peak illumination at 7:42 a.m. EST (12 midday GMT) Tuesday, March 7, 2023.