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The World is Laughing at America



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Above is a clip from “Studio 22,” a program on the Saudi government-owned tv community MBC. The skit portrays US President Biden as mentally incompetent, repeatedly fumbling his phrases, forgetting names, and falling asleep behind the rostrum. Biden’s declining psychological well being is obvious each time that he’s permitted to talk publicly. That is how different nations now view the US, as everybody sees there’s a puppet on the helm. Biden makes America seem weak on the worldwide stage.

The skit is much from a comedy sketch. Joe Biden has referred to Vice President Kamala Harris because the “First Woman,” as portrayed on the Saudi program. Not too long ago he referred to as Michelle Obama the previous vice chairman and referred to Ukrainians as Iranians. Allow us to not overlook how his “gaffe” practically induced World Battle III when he declared that Putin wanted to be faraway from energy. The White Home merely retracts his statements and makes excuses for his erratic habits.

Even with pre-scripted playing cards, Biden frequently forgets the subject at hand and has been filmed repeatedly being redirected by his handlers at numerous capabilities. Even Secretary Psaki is leaping ship as she will not deflect the reality. Your entire world sees the chief of the USA as a whole idiot. But, he was allegedly the preferred presidential candidate and secured a document variety of votes. The Democrats selected the flawed puppet; apart from his slim margin of supporters with cognitive dissonance, nobody believes that he’s main the nation.