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What Is the Coldest Place in the Universe?



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Boomerang nebula
The Boomerang Nebula, as seen right here by the Hubble Area Telescope, is about 5,000 light-years from Earth within the course of the Southern constellation Centaurus. Additionally it is referred to as the Bow Tie Nebula.
Stocktrek Pictures/Getty Pictures

In the event you’ve taken a physics class, you have doubtless discovered the idea of absolute zero: a theoretical restrict to how chilly any object might ever attain.

Absolute zero” is measured in Kelvins (it is written in levels Okay), a unique scale than the Fahrenheit or Celsius most thermometers learn for our properties and medical units.

Whereas now we have by no means noticed an object that measures at absolute zero, now we have gotten fairly near such low temperatures each right here on Earth and in probably the most distant reaches and outer layers of our galaxy.

Scientists have been fascinated by these frigid locations within the universe, together with the Boomerang Nebula. The Boomerang Nebula, a younger planetary nebula, was first named because the coldest place within the universe in 1995, a finding that was confirmed in 2013.

In the event you’re interested in all of the coldest locations that exist, let us take a look at excessive temperatures, from our planet to the photo voltaic system, and to the sting of the noticed universe.