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What’s the Best TV Viewing Distance?



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A TV in a living room with an adventure movie on display.

The space you sit out of your TV performs a big function in getting an immersive expertise. In case you sit too shut, you could discover pixel-level imperfections or pressure your eyes, however for those who sit too far, you could miss smaller particulars.

The Ideally suited TV Viewing Distance

However for those who search for a really perfect TV viewing distance, there isn’t any single beneficial commonplace. As an alternative, many recommendations on the subject, together with these from trade teams and producers, supply how a lot of the human discipline of view a display screen ought to cowl. Based mostly on this, you possibly can calculate the best distance for display screen dimension.

Tip: In case you’re uncertain how huge your TV is, discover ways to properly measure a TV screen.

For instance, one of the crucial generally cited suggestions comes from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). It recommends a distance from which a show would occupy a 30-degree discipline of view. This distance comes out to round 1.62 occasions the show dimension of a TV. So for those who personal a 55-inch television, you need to sit round 89.1-inch or 7.42 ft out of your TV.

Display dimension SMPTE beneficial
30-inch 4.1 ft
35-inch 4.8 ft
40-inch 5.5 ft
45-inch 6.1 ft
50-inch 6.8 ft
55-inch 7.5 ft
60-inch 8.2 ft
65-inch 8.9 ft
70-inch 9.5 ft
75-inch 10.2 ft
80-inch 10.9 ft
85-inch 11.6 ft
TV viewing distance

Equally, THX, recognized for its high-fidelity audio-visual requirements, suggests a minimal distance from which the display screen covers 40 levels of your discipline of view and the utmost distance from which the protection is 28 levels. Subsequently, to calculate the gap as per THX advice, you’ll have to multiply 1.2 by the display screen dimension for the minimal and 1.8 by the display screen dimension for the utmost distance.

Display dimension THX’s beneficial
minimal distance
THX’s beneficial
most distance
30-inch 3 ft 4.5 ft
35-inch 3.5 ft 5.25 ft
40-inch 4 ft 6 ft
45-inch 4.5 ft 6.75 ft
50-inch 5 ft 7.5 ft
55-inch 5.5 ft 8.25 ft
60-inch 6 ft 9 ft
65-inch 6.5 ft 9.75 ft
70-inch 7 ft 10.50 ft
75-inch 7.5 ft 11.25 ft
80-inch 8 ft 12 ft
85-inch 8.5 ft 12.75 ft

Whereas SMPTE and THX suggestions present a fairly first rate estimate of how far you need to sit from a display screen and are nice for a cushty viewing expertise, each had been issued for cinemas. In order that they don’t have in mind the high-resolution nature of recent TVs. To see and benefit from the element UHD TVs present, you have to sit comparatively near the display screen. In any other case, the upper decision received’t matter.

Sony is without doubt one of the few TV producers offering a viewing distance recommendation based mostly on each display screen dimension and determination. In response to the corporate, the best distance for watching a 4K TV is 1.5 occasions the vertical dimension of the display screen. So based mostly on this, for those who personal a 55-inch 4K TV, try to be sitting round 39.36-inch (3.28 ft) away.

Equally, based on Sony, the beneficial distance for HD and full-HD TVs is 3 times the vertical display screen dimension and 6 occasions for normal definition (SD) TVs. As Sony doesn’t supply a viewing distance for 8K TVs, the advice for 4K TVs is an effective start line.

Amongst different producers, Panasonic sides with Sony and has the identical distance suggestions.

Display dimension Vertical dimension Sony’s beneficial
distance for 4K TVs
Sony’s beneficial
distance for HDTVs
Sony’s beneficial
distance for SD TVs
32-inch 15.7-inch 2 ft 4 ft 8 ft
40-inch 19.6-inch 2.4 ft 4.9 ft 9.8 ft
43-inch 21.1-inch 2.6 ft 5.2 ft 10.4 ft
50-inch 24.5-inch 3.1 ft 6.2 ft 12.4 ft
55-inch 27-inch 3.4 ft 6.8 ft 13.6 ft
60-inch 29.4-inch 3.7 ft 7.4 ft 14.8 ft
65-inch 31.9-inch 4 ft 8 ft 16 ft
70-inch 34.3-inch 4.3 ft 8.6 ft 17.2 ft
75-inch 36.8-inch 4.6 ft 9.2 ft 18.4 ft
80-inch 39.2-inch 4.9 ft 9.8 ft 19.6 ft
85-inch 41.7-inch 5.2 ft 10.4 ft  20.8 ft

TCL’s recommendations for HD televisions are much like Sony’s however not the identical, as the corporate suggests a spread fairly than a set distance. Moreover, it asks TV viewers to take a seat near the TV for small sizes. TCL doesn’t share a 4K TV viewing distance however notes you can select to take a seat nearer than the beneficial HDTV distance to benefit from the greater decision.

Display dimension TCL’s beneficial
distance for HDTVs
40-inch 3-3.5 ft
43-inch 3.6-5.4 ft
50-inch 4.2-6.3 ft
55-inch 4.9-6.9 ft
60-inch 5-7.5 ft
65-inch 5.4-8.1 ft
70-inch 5.8-8.75 ft
75-inch 6.3-9.4 ft
80-inch 6.7-10 ft
85-inch 7.1-10.6 ft

The draw back to Sony, Panasonic, and TCL’s suggestions is that for those who watch lower-resolution content material on a higher-resolution TV, you’ll simply discover pixel-level imperfections. And this may be fairly frequent on 4K TVs for those who watch cable, DVDs, YouTube, and older content material. So you need to maintain this in thoughts.

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Different Key Components

Watching TV with family
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Whereas the screen size and determination present a very good baseline for selecting probably the most appropriate viewing distance, there are a pair extra elements that you need to take into account earlier than deciding, equivalent to what you’re watching and with whom you’re watching.

It’s necessary to have in mind what you regularly watch in your TV. For instance, you could wish to sit near your TV for those who play a number of video video games or watch motion pictures to get probably the most immersive and cinematic expertise. However for those who usually watch TV exhibits or information, you don’t want to take a seat very shut. Equally, for those who devour fast-moving sports activities whereas sitting very near the display screen, you could endure from momentary eye pressure or really feel nauseated.

Furthermore, for those who watch with a gaggle of household or buddies, and your seating is simply too near the display screen, folks seated on the edges might not get one of the best expertise due to their viewing angle. So shifting your seating association barely farther will permit everybody to benefit from the content material equally.

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Which Suggestion Ought to You Select?

As you’ve got seen to this point, all kinds of suggestions exist. So it’s a good suggestion to take these suggestions as normal pointers and a place to begin fairly than agency guidelines. And, based mostly in your private choice, eyesight, and different associated elements, you possibly can select the best distance for you.

The SMPTE and THX suggestions are appropriate for individuals who aren’t in search of probably the most immersive expertise or wish to take in each element provided by high-resolution pictures. However if you need each of these issues, Sony and TCL’s suggestions are higher for you.