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While Judge Ketani Brown Jackson Calmly And Intelligently Explained What A Judge’s Role Is, Republican Senators Whined, Accused, And Presented Inaccurate Information During Their Hostile Interrogation Of The Judge. They Lectured Her In A “Put Her-In-Her-Place” Manner And Failed Miserably At It. Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham, And Tom Cotton Looked Like Partisan Misogynists And Came Off Like Masculine Wannabes.



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Why is Senator Lindsey Graham making an attempt so onerous to appear tremendous masculine? He’s yelling, stomping round, and cursing don’t persuade anybody he’s a troublesome man. He embarrassed himself yesterday and at the moment throughout Decide Jackson’s affirmation listening to. This pretend man of religion requested Decide Brown Jackson,” On a scale of 1 to 10, how devoted would you say you might be?”. He behaved like a person with out an oz. of genuine non secular values. There couldn’t have been a extra ignorant, inappropriate query requested at a authorities listening to in a rustic the place the separation of church and state is enumerated within the Structure.

Graham is a poser, a person who assaults others primarily based on projections coming from his failures of character. The venom that comes out of the mouth of this “Trump lapdog” is disgusting, and at the moment he humiliated himself by screaming like a maniac about how terrible baby pornography is, ignoring the truth that each events equally denounce the crime. The affirmation hearings created the chance for the judiciary committee to debate Decide Jackson’s report and authorized ideology respectfully. As a substitute, a number of Republican senators used their time to impress their base by verbally mistreating a superior liberal black lady who confirmed dignity and poise amid their aggressiveness. 

When discussing Guantanamo Bay inmates, Graham had a hissy-fit, screaming, ” it wouldn’t trouble me one bit if all 39 of them die in jail.” His histrionics didn’t derail the choose’s calm focus as she schooled the hysterical senator on the democratic position of a protection lawyer who takes an oath to present each citizen the fitting to equal safety by the regulation. Jackson seemed like a professional authorized thoughts, Graham stated like an over-emotional quack. Plainly Graham has been indoctrinated into the MAGA world of authoritarianism. It isn’t about upholding the U.S. Structure; it’s about serving the ideology of the despot and his loyalists.

It’s a well-known reality in Washington that nearly nobody likes Senator Ted Cruz. At Decide Jackson’s hearings, his obnoxious conceitedness and bullying was on full show. Cruz is a weakling who after being emasculated by Donald Trump, (who additionally verbally degraded his spouse and father) is consistently auditioning to be embraced by MAGA, Q’anon Trump loyalists. Cruz carried out a “demagogic, bad-faith effort on Tuesday to indicate that Decide Jackson would convey a racially centered agenda to the Supreme Court docket, coupled with a “tender on baby pornographers.” Cruz, like different Senators used the hearings to audition for the presidency as an alternative of conducting an expert effort to look at the judges course of on how she guidelines on instances and writes her authorized opinions. Cruz and different MAGA Republicans like him are unskilled or disinterested within the artwork of inspecting, studying and respectfully disagreeing with members of one other get together. Like their golden boy Justice Kavanaugh, displaying an aggressive, sarcastic, accusatory demeanor is appropriate for these white males to direct in direction of ladies, particularly ladies of shade.

Cruz displayed a chart itemizing jail sentences handed all the way down to baby pornographers by Decide Jackson. His level was to advertise her and the Democrats as ” tender on crime,” particularly for baby pornography criminals. Decide Jackson neutered his try to disparage her character by educating Cruz concerning the bipartisan help for lesser sentences for baby pornographers by the vast majority of the Sentencing Fee. “In a 2021 report, simply 30 p.c of offenders who possess or share such materials obtained a sentence throughout the guideline vary within the 2019 fiscal yr, and 59 p.c obtained a sentence under the rule vary. Within the 9 instances the Republican lawmakers cited, prosecutors additionally sought shorter sentences than have been advisable in 5, in accordance with a evaluate by Douglas A. Berman, a regulation professor at Ohio State College.” ( New York Occasions, Linda Qiu, March 21, 2022). Berman additionally wrote that “federal sentencing pointers for baby sexual abuse imagery are widely known as dysfunctional and unduly extreme and that “federal judges nationwide not often comply with them.” In his teardown of Decide Jackson, Cruz persistently disregarded the broader context of facets of Decide Jackson’s report he was attacking. The smarmy insincerity of Ted Cruz ensures he won’t ever be president. That was confirmed once more at the moment by his unprofessional, staged efficiency for the MAGA voters.

We are able to solely hope this picture of Senator Hawley encouraging the aggressive insurrectionist mob to assault the Capitol will get him kicked out of Congress sometime. On the Decide Jackson affirmation hearings this week, Hawley performed a calculating smear marketing campaign towards Decide Jackson specializing in sentences she has handed down via the years for baby pornographers.

Harley is a member of the far-right wing of the Republican get together that has changed the decency and heroic legacy of Republicans like Senator John McCain and former President George Herbert Walker Bush with an extremist, authoritarian ideology. Hawley is an boastful extremist who in servitude to Donald Trump has lowered the ethical values of America and tried to deconstruct democracy whereas pretending to honor it. In the course of the affirmation hearings for Decide Brown Jackson this week, Hawley demonstrated a show of insulting disrespect in his questioning of her. Like Senators Graham and Cruz, Hawley questioned the choose incessantly about baby pornography instances with an apparent agenda of pandering to his Q’anon followers who imagine unusual conspiracy theories about pedophilia. He obtained quite a lot of info unsuitable about Decide Jackson’s judicial reasoning mirrored in her sentencing historical past. It was apparent Hawley wasn’t making an attempt to study concerning the judges judicial course of concerned in sentencing practices, however moderately was invested in exploiting the subject of kid pornography for his evangelical, Q’ Anon base.

Jackson famous that “in every of those instances the place the defendants have been discovered responsible she has imposed a major sentence “and the entire further restraints which might be out there within the regulation. These individuals, she stated, are taking a look at 20, 30, 40 years of supervision. They will’t use their computer systems in a standard method for many years. I’m imposing all of these constraints as a result of I perceive how vital, how damaging, how horrible this crime is.” ( CNN Politics, March, 22, 2022). Hawley used his time devoted to vetting Decide Jackson to get on a soapbox selling most sentences for baby pornography defendants that almost all judges of each events reject.

Senators Graham, Hawley, Cruz, and different far-right extremist Senators misplaced votes from impartial and average Republicans at the moment. Their aggressive behaviors smacked of misogyny tinged with racism and political opportunism. Somebody inform these guys to not waste time practising writing their “never-going- to- occur” inauguration speeches.