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Why do dogs and other animals lick their wounds?



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The saying “to lick one’s wounds” is a metaphor that is synonymous with retreating and recovering from an damage, and the habits is noticed in some pets and different animals. Dogs do it (opens in new tab); mice do it (opens in new tab); even ants do it. All types of critters apply their saliva to scratches and scrapes. However why do these animals lick their wounds?

The reply lies largely within the self-soothing actions of licking and the therapeutic properties of spit. Wound licking is an instinctual response, honed by pure choice, which will assuage irritation and ache and may even assist accidents get well sooner, in keeping with Dr. Benjamin Hart, a retired veterinarian and professor emeritus on the College of California, Davis. However in canines and different pets, the intuition can simply change into counterproductive, particularly when there are much better wound therapies obtainable.