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Wonder Woman roller coaster soars with ‘tallest, longest’ ride in the world



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Thrill-seekers, fasten your seatbelts!

The “tallest and longest single-rail coaster on the earth” will open at Six Flags Magic Mountain on July 16.

The Valencia, California, theme park will add Wonder Woman Flight of Courage to its lineup of coasters, bringing its whole to twenty. That’s probably the most of another theme park on the planet.

Courageous Marvel Lady riders will journey throughout the three,300-foot observe, towering 13 tales and reaching speeds as much as 58 miles per hour. 

In line with the experience’s description, the coaster exemplifies the superhero’s “struggle for fact and justice” and can immerse riders in her story and the way she acquired her powers. The attraction has loads of dives, banks and rolls, it mentioned.

Weary followers can see if their stomachs can handle the real thing by watching Magic Mountain’s render of the experience.

Stats for WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage.
Stats for Marvel Lady Flight of Braveness.
Six Flags Magic Mountain

“Single-rail” — which means one rider per row — is the important thing phrase in noting the record-breaking achievement for Marvel Lady.

Nonetheless, Kingda Ka at Six Flags Nice Journey in Jackson, New Jersey, will formally stay the tallest curler coaster on the earth; it seats two individuals per row. Its upside-down U-shaped observe bolts 45 tales — or 456 ft — into the sky, going from zero to 128 miles per hour in a startling 3.5 seconds. The observe, nonetheless, is simply 3,118 ft lengthy.

WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage
Might your abdomen deal with the experience’s twists and turns?
Six Flags Magic Mountain